Sunday, December 13, 2009


Do you want to listen to the News these days? Just turn on your television, you'll get a speedy update on the private lives of a Carolina Governor and Tiger Woods. The infidelities of the World's Greatest Golfer are far more important to the Media than the battles raging in Afghanistan or the heartrending problems facing our President today, most of them inherited from a conspiratorial and greedy previous group.

For some obscure reason, the Media has decided that Tiger Woods owes an apology to the public. These Mia Culpa moments add thousands of viewers, especially when the wronged wife stands staunchly and bravely at his side. Perhaps they feel that Tiger Woods should do as some preacher, whose name I cannot remember, subjected us to, a wailing, weeping plea to God to forgive all of his sins. Nothing would please the Media more than a video of Tiger, tears streaking down his cheeks, confessing to his bad boy behavior and pleading with the world to forgive him. It seems that, because he played an excellent game of golf and appeared in many commercials, he owes the public an apology for not being perfect. Actually, the only apology Tiger Woods should make is to the woman he shamed.

Every day, we have been presented with another waitress or floozie claiming to have had an affair with Tiger Woods. They have appeared out of the woodwork, claiming their 15 minutes of fame, proclaiming their love for him, their abandonment, their agony, their sorrow for hurting his suffering wife. They have been given more airtime than General Gates and, of course, Nancy Grace has added to special brand of indignation to the chaos.

The truth is, Tiger Woods' life has undoubtedly been less wonderful than we all thought it was. He literally uplifted the game of televised golf from a droning, boring, hours-long agony to moments of excitement..."There he is. Will he win? Can he do it again?" A well-built, handsome, bronzed hero, he brought legions of people to line the golf courses where he appeared and claimed about a billion dollars in earnings. All of this for a man in his early thirties.

Think about it. He is on one side of the world, while the girl that he married stayed on the other. They are worlds apart and she was rarely seen in the audiences that cheer him on. His life was lived in strange cities, empty hotel rooms, lonely meals in unknown restaurants. His family, his wife, his babies, were miles away. His beloved father, his teacher, his mentor, has died. He's alone on that golf course, the idol of millions, but slave to the loneliness that strikes the traveler who journeys alone.

Why didn't his wife join him? They certainly had the money to pack up the kiddies, take along a nanny and allow her to enjoy the show? Why wasn't she there at his side as he broke records and made those marvelous holes in one, a phenomena in the golfing world with legions of adoring fans? Why didn't she come along and applaud his accomplishments, give him the adulation he evidently craved? Why did she leave him to a life of loneliness, of lonely travel, of dining alone? With women crawling all over him, as they are apt to do when it comes to fame and huge fortunes, why did this wife leave her young husband to make his way by himself?

Marriages may have changed from the days when I was young, but in no way would I have stayed at home when there were horizons to reach, battles to win, excitement and glory to be relished. I'd have been in the stands, cheering and applauding, dancing up and down with the joy of it all. Where was this woman, who should have been at the side of her husband? Where was this woman who took no joy in the millions he was claiming as his due? Artistic temperaments and great athletes have huge egos. I suppose they have to have this to handle the challenges they face. Powerful men have been known to have healthy libidos and Tiger Woods seems to have had his share of these qualities. Where was his helpmeet, his companion, his friend, his wife?

So, by writing this post, I am joining the Media is emphasizing the problems of Tiger Woods and making it a pivotal point in my list of opinions. Just as he has been unfaithful to his wife, Tiger Woods has a compassionate soul. He has financed a wing for a hospital tending to sick and dying children, with no fanfare, no Media attention, no applause for his behavior. This is only one of the charitable contributions Tiger has made. No television programs devoted to these wonderful acts! No daily bulletins, no sleazy women joining the throng, no group of pundits predicting this or that, no call for apology! Only when that behavior is Media-Worthy do the pundits come forth and the News Anchors practically drool with the joy of destroying a national figure. Only then do the lucrative Ads disappear!