Monday, September 21, 2009


I love it when the men in this country enter the "Abortion Debate," discussing what they consider the immorality of women who "sinfully" evade what they believe is the female's responsibility to give birth to their progeny and not destroy it, even in the earliest moments of what could be termed possible existence.

Somehow, in this Debate, the role of men has been strangely forgotten. Abortion has become the sole responsibility of the women. The carelessness and selfishness of men is ignored, while all eyes turn on the woman and castigate her for not wanting her child.

Some people believe that, even in cases of rape or incest, a woman should give birth to her child, rewarding the rapist or relative, punishing the victim who has been punished enough already.

For years, men have been able to spread their seed indiscriminately, without a backward look at the consequences of their behavior. Some men stick around in a fatherly role. Others disappear from the lives of these babies entirely. It is a choice men have that women do not, unless they choose to have abortions. Society somehow excuses the men, using a sort of "Boys will be Boys" approach to the issue. They do not excuse the women.

The truth is, the creation of a child is a shared activity. There are no Virgin Births, unless one counts the Biblical lore. Even in Biblical times, the women held the onus of creating new life and, in those days, wives could be cast aside for failing to delivery progeny, while a handmaid or other woman was brought in to accomplish the task. There was no talk of infidelity or sin where this was concerned. The fault lay with the woman who did not get pregnant and deliver children for their mates. Then, as now, women were viewed as objects, as property, with no purpose other than sexual pleasure and creating life.

In today's world, many men are not so anxious to sire children, but most of them are pretty darned anxious to enjoy their sexual pleasures. In fact, one of the most profitable medications on our shelves is one that enhances the male ability for sexual prowess. Created under the myth of availability for those suffering from sexual dysfunction, it is used by males throughout the country and is the subject of many rather nauseating Ads where a woman is shown smiling sweetly at an overanxious male who leads her toward what is presumably a bedroom.

If this liaison ends in a pregnancy, in many minds, it is the woman's responsibility to bear her child, even if she does not want a child, cannot afford a child, is medically or mentally unable to give birth, or doesn't have the intelligence to raise a child. The offending male isn't given a second thought, for everyone understands that "Boys will be Boys" and, if no marriage is involved, his responsibility ends with meager payments to the mother.

Even in marriage, in most instances, the mother is left with the basic burdens of childcare. If she chooses a career, she must juggle the tasks involving both work and home. In the meantime, the male of the family is usually climbing the employment ladder, arriving home to sit on the couch and watch football, sipping his beer and grunting, while Mama handles the dishwashing chores.

Some people who dislike abortion are also against birth control, which gives the male even more freedom to spread his seed, leaving the female at the mercy of fate. With today's medicine and proper education, there is no reason for any woman to have a baby that is not wanted and loved, but some people feel that self-protection is not only sinful, but worse. One pharmacist, asked to fill a birth control prescription, shouted "Murderer!" at his customer, as though preventing a pregnancy is bludgeoning a baby over the head with an ax. He would never have accused this baby's sire of this crime, because it is understood that "Boys will be Boys."

A good way to prevent abortion is for every one of us to teach our sons to honor and respect all women and to never impregnate a woman who does not want a baby. This, in itself, is simple enough and would solve the problem that is dividing our country and causing such mayhem nationwide.

Too many males consider females simply targets for notches on their belts and even in marriages, there is a vast amount of inconsideration for the wishes of the women as politicians preach that wives should "give in graciously to their husbands." Give in graciously? Perhaps these male politicians should be reminded that the Constitutional guarantee of equality does not bear a Men Only sign and that perhaps that husband should "give in graciously to his wife" and go to sleep. And, if a baby isn't wanted by both man and wife, this husband should rethink his priorities.

Give the male of the species some responsibility for their actions and make it preventive, instead of after the fact. Males should be punished for causing needless unwanted pregnancies and when society realizes this and drops the age-old habit of excusing our men, the problem of abortion will be solved!