Sunday, September 06, 2009


If you like pie-in-the-face humor, today's political world is the place for you. We have television viewing of a large group of hired extras holding up signs and screaming into the camera! The signs shout out various labels, all pointed at the President of the United States, Barack Obama! The signs blare out words like "Hitler!" "Facsist!" "Socialist!" and I saw one that proclaimed, "We Are a Christian Nation!"

We are? It would be difficult to discern this from the roadshows that are going on right now. Groups of people are bussed in to every Town Hall Meeting, well equipped with above-described signs and, as my father would have said, "awhoopin' and ahollerin'"

It's their Constitutional right, they say. It's their Freedom of Speech. However, they forget the Civil Rights of those who attend these meetings to hear the speaker and ask intelligent questions about Health Care Reform. What about THEIR Constitutional Right to attend a meeting, raise their hand politely and ask a civil question? What about THEIR Constitutional Right to hear the answers, learn what they came to find out about, what they came to hear?

Are Republicans the only ones with Constitutional Rights? Or is that "Equaityl" business only intended for those of a certain political persuasion, as well as a certain color of skin?

What an ugly business this all is, these hideous, hopping, hollering, hellbent hooligans itching for a fight, wanting only to obey the wishes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter and other foul-mouthed icons who want Obama to fail! A few of them have even brought their guns along to emphasize their right to make complete asses of themselves.

Can you imagine how George Bush would have disposed of these thugs? He would have arrested them, tossed them out of the meeting, set the FBI on their tails, and hauled some of them off to secret prisons, sans attorney, sans Civil Rights, sans hope!

Remember the Dixie Chicks? Those little singers were simply exercising their Freedom of Speech, but remember....the Constitution only applies to Republicans. Republicans stomped on their tapes, called radio stations with dire threats, sent a few Death Threats over the telephone wires to frighten these girls, and tried in every way to ruin their careers.......simply because one of them voiced her dislike for President George Bush! What about HER Civil Rights?

What a eerie group of frightening dingbats! Now they are objecting to President Obama making a speech to schoolchildren on their first day in class. Some of them are not sending their children to school on that first day. Some of the schools are closing until the day after the Speech.

The Circus is in town, folks, and the clowns are jumping around, showing their teeth in those smeared monstrous smiles! They are showing the true bones of what they call "Christianity!" They are ignoring every instruction left behind by Jesus Christ and, as for the Golden Rule, it is irretrievably tarnished!

Every school child in this country would do well to emulate Barack Obama, a poor kid who was dragged from one school to another, often in distant lands, a boy with an absent father and an intellectual anthropologist mother, who was often gone on long, extended trips. Raised by his grandparents, he attended Harvard, excelled at his studies, became a Constitutional Scholar and taught Constitutional Law at a University before become a Senator and then the President of the United States.

You can't do much better than that!

But, remember, he's half Black! That makes him fair game for the right wing extremist idiots crawling around empty fields and exercising their right to threaten every law on our books!

Yet, these Crazies are afraid to have their children listen to Obama's speech. Oh, yeah! If they cared about their children, they wouldn't cling to their nutcase leaders, Dick Cheney with his love of torture, Sarah Palin with her dysfunctional family, Tom DeLay with his rather shady ways of making money! Then, too, there's Rush,. the American Voice of Ugliness, the Sultan of Excrement, spreading his manure among his enthralled listeners. Let us not forget Glenn Beck, guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

Love Thy Neighbor, Jesus commanded, citing that this Commandment was equal to the Love of God. These Republicans are spreading this wicked nonsense throughout our country and we're going to have to shut them up with hearty belly laughs! Don't waste your money on a movie with slapstick comedy! Just tune in to any News Channel and some snickering, bellowing and loud guffaws are guaranteed!

However, despite the laughter incited by these partisan fools, there's an air of darkness and deviltry, a whisper of a future that threatens the very heart and soul of this country. We can never, ever afford to allow people like this to win any political battle! There is nothing they won't say, nothing they won't do to gain their pathetic goals. They are diabolic in their hate-ridden behavior, dancing a macabre dance that shakes the very meaning of freedom!