Wednesday, August 05, 2009


It's difficult not to be amused by the antics of the Republican Party, who must be the sorest losers in political history. President Obama had just taken his Oath of Office when Rush Limbaugh announced that he wanted him to fail. Since several million people hang on every word that comes out of the Bobbling Broadcaster's mouth, they have continued with a concerted effort to bring about that failure and earning themselves the title of "The Party of No."

It has been an interesting, if ridiculous, few months on the political front. On one hand, President Obama has taken an conciliatory approach, appointing Republicans to high office and extending his hand in friendship. On the other hand, the Republican Congressional members continue to dig their political graves by clinging to the old pattern that the country endured for eight long years and which the country's voters rejected by a resounding majority during the last election.

Suddenly, after saying not one word about the appalling waste of money that Bush spent on his War in Iraq, a needless war that never should have happened when it did, the Republican Congress has become fiscal experts, bemoaning every penny that Obama spends, declaring themselves to be "Conservative" and "frugal."

Where were these complaints when Bush was handing over a fortune to Halliburton and other pet corporations that were throwing our money in the air like popcorn at a children's party? Where were their Conservative, Frugal efforts then? Why didn't they rush down to the offices of CNN to voice their views?

Instead, there was a silence so loud it was like the atmosphere in a mausoleum. No complaints, no oversight, no television appearances on the subject of money. Bush ran the deficit up to phenomenal heights, helped by the "Arm of the Presidency" that was an expression used by some Republicans to describe themselves.

Actually, Congress should not be an Arm of the Presidency, but should be an equal entity, as the Constitution directs. It leads one to believe that few of these Congressmen have ever read the Constitution, much less cared about anything but political power.

Besides the rush to purchase and hoard guns and ammunition, this hateful bunch has decided to press their favorite grievance, that Obama is not a bona fide American citizen and thus cannot be President. I beg to differ. The documents are there and Hawaiian officials have verified that he was born in Honolulu. What more can a person do to convince people the location of his birth? I doubt very much whether you or I could come up with any more verification than that?

This is just a looney Conspiracy Theory, which is always great fun, but doesn't have value as factual. The Republican objections have a racial ring to them, as though they just can't bear the fact that an African American could end up as President. Their tactics appeal to every redneck nutcase in this country. It has a KKK flair to it, and one has the feeling that a lynching party would bring cheers from the Limbaugh crowd.

Then, too, there's the behavior of the Bully Boys. This bunch is organized and jumps into action when making asses of themselves might make political success. Thus, they helped John Kerry lose the 2004 Election (along with more than a little purging in Ohio) by instigating the Swift Boat Ads. Thus, they tried to ruin the career of the Dixie Chicks by calling radio stations with ugly threats. Thus, they gathered in Florida to make a woman in a coma a political ploy.

Now, they have forgotten their Tea Parties, which were absolute failures that did nothing but engender countless jokes from late night comedians, and called upon their loyal minions to try to ruin the gatherings meant to inform citizens about Obama's Health Care Reform.

Some fifty million (or more) citizens have no health insurance at all. Many, many more have had problems with insurance companies, who are charging exorbitant prices for needed policies and who often refuse to pay for certain medical problems, leaving their clients with mounting medical bills. They also frequently refuse to insure anyone with a preexisting condition, so if you have beaten cancer twenty years ago, you can forget about being covered today.

With these...and other...problems, Health Care Reform is a good idea. A Public Option, run by the government, is also something that is needed, simply because some citizens cannot afford to pay even the lowest rates for insurance. This is a choice that all citizens should have, but it scares the pants off Republican Congressmen. They are frugal, remember, and the thought of paying for other citizens to be insured sends them into nightmares and, besides, what would happen to those healthy contributions they receive from insurance and pharmaceutical companies?

So, they have spread their poisonous rumors all over the country, hoping that uninformed, uneducated and heartless folks will listen and believe! Why, Democrats...led by the non-citizen foreigner, Obama, are trying to kill all the old people and fork out millions for abortions. Thus, the poison is leeched out like cough syrup to a stuffed-up toddler and Republicans are hoping to capture the fears of the innocent people trying to comprehend what is going on.

The Bully Boys have gathered, infiltrating the meetings run by Democrats to inform the public about the details of the Health Reform plan. They have brushed up on their Swift Boating techniques, their Dixie Chicking skills, and they do as they are told by the likes of Limbaugh, attending these meetings and disrupting them with shouts, screams, threats, etc., which hampers any really interested citizen from getting any information on Health Care.

Why do we put up with these Bully Boys, these well-dressed, loyal members of the Bush Base, who have brought such terror and ugliness to our country that we now have to struggle to convince the world we are not brutal animals? Do we want the country they would like to have....a dictatorship with civil rights destroyed and truth ignored? Do we want these Congresses filled with the arms of the Presidency, Yes Men who do not complain about a lying President who approved of torture, not only for adults, but for thousands and thousands of children, children as young as nine and ten, raping the girls, terrorizing the boys, a situation described by former President Carter in a recent article.

If this is what anyone wants, they deserve it, every miserable moment of it!