Saturday, November 17, 2007


Just a year to go and a new President will be sworn in! This news was pointed out to us in a great column by Matt Morford, columnist for the San Francisco Gate. Yes, it's true! Just a year this coming January and George Bush will say a tearful goodbye to the Oval Office, don his Decider cape, and take off for the ranch, where he can declare war on the brush and the deciduous grasses and reflect upon his glory years as the worst President ever!

A year to go! That's a little over 365 days. We can do it. We can hang in there that long. Most of us have faced adversity before. We can do it again. Day by day, we can plug along with our daily lives, looking forward that that Glorious Moment when Bush will turn and wave goodbye, Laura with him (two steps back and looking properly obedient) and even the family dog packed for home.

It has been pointed out that, with this event looming in the future, there is hope for humanity. There is hope for the United States of America. Whoever is elected to fill his post...hopefully without any manipulation of the voting machines... will inherit a gawd-awful mess, but put it this way, anything will be an improvement. If he or she plays phone-tag with Putin, it will be an improvement. If he or she makes a speech without saying, "The Surge is Working," it will be an improvement. If he or she walks arm-in-arm with his or her wife or husband, it will be improvement. If he or she speaks of courage instead of fear, what a wonderful improvement that would be. If he or she talks of peace instead of war....Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! will be a time to be recorded in the history books as the Great Resurgence of American Ideals!

It is time to plan your party! Listen to the people out there! Horns are honking, lights are flashing, bells are ringing! Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is gone! People are dancing in the streets! A great victory is being celebrated. We have survived the invasion of George Bush, his fundamentalist followers, and his polluted idea of how to run a country!

I know. I know. There is little cause to celebrate at the moment. Your job is in India. Your clothes, your equipment, your furniture comes from China. You're afraid to feed your dog. You worry about the toys in the toy chest. Even lipstick is tainted. You worry about mortgage foreclosure and having hounddogs after every penny you make for the rest of your days, reaching into your casket to strip the buttons from your clothes. Your kid is going to schools where No Child is Left Behind and he is so bored and behind, he is threatening to drop out. No one in the family has health insurance, simply because you have to pay for mundane things like that and your lowered salary is not quite up to it.

Nothing is like it used to be, and according to George Bush, it's all because of 9/11. Yes, he has to protect us all from terrorism. This is why he left the borders wide open, to give us something to fear. This is why we hire folks in airport security who allow bomb-making material slip through. This is why the atomic laboratories, the ports, the bridges, the tunnels are unguarded. Be afraid, he says, because this is a War against Terror. The Alert Level is at Yellow, but one never knows when it might jump to Red. Be afraid here at home, but we are fighting in Iraq, and it's better there than here. We lost about 3,000 people, so it is okay to kill or maim millions. Be afraid here, but remember that it is there, not here. Nothing like mass confusion to keep the rabble trembling.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we'll get a president who advises courage, who tells us not to be afraid, who tells us every corner of our country is guarded and protected, who talks with every foreign leader and, instead of tossing out braggadocio and threats, actually tries to get along with them, to find solutions, to embrace peace.

So, it's almost time for the party! Yes, across the country, folks are planning "Bye-bye Bush Bops!" Wear your casual duds, bring along a bottle of champagne, and join in the fun! Bye, bye Bush! Hello Sunshine, Farewell Gloom and Doom and everlasting War! Hello, jobs and maybe even some American manufacturing! Hello, Administrative Departments that actually DO their jobs, Immigration Departments that take care of Immigration, an FDA that actually inspects food and drugs. Goodbye, Medicare Prescription Psychic Puzzle for the Confused you may actually be able to get cheaper drugs when you need them and not gaze into your crystal ball to try to figure out what you may need in the future! Hello, Social Security Program that is really security for all of us! Goodbye, Corporate Tax Breaks. Goodbye, Tax Cuts for the Rich and breadcrumbs for the Poor!

Sure, it's a fantasy. But I believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and Our Next President! Somehow, I believe he or she will be able to sift through this mess to bring us both peace and prosperity. I'm a dreamer, but this has been a nightmare of lost jobs, mortgage foreclosures, rocketing gas prices, lies and war. When George Bush goes, taking Darth Cheney with him, as well as the rest of the bunch, including the fundamentally religious souls who are against birth control, working women and equality for all, we will have reason to dream.

Never again will I complain about a rational president making good decisions, even if I may not agree with those decisions. Just give me someone who is not the Decider, who knows or realizes what it is to be a working stiff, who has some compassion for the poor. Give me someone who realizes the value of Head Start, and who may even think of a solution for these great, galloping herds of teenagers with no jobs, many of whom have dropped out of school. Give me a peaceful man, not a bully filled with constant threats, causing other countries to arm up against us.

Just one peaceful, compassionate, helpful and sensible man or woman, folks. That all I ask. That's all most of us want. It doesn't matter who, really. Just make it someone who thinks it best to end the fiasco in Iraq and leave the people there to iron out their problems. Make it someone who thinks our jobs are important and that imported goods should not contain poisonous chemicals.

And he or she is on the way! The Bye, Bye Bush Bop is a reality! Don't be late for the party! He's really leaving. There is no way the Constitution can be twisted to allow him to stay! He's a goner! One year to go, and he is history! Bad history! So, get a move on! This will be the biggest, bestest party ever! Have another glass of champagne and let's all sing Hallelujah! You may not give a damn, Rhett, but tomorrow is another day!