Thursday, November 15, 2007

You Can't Beat the "Bitch"!

Conservatives are so damnably good at insulting other people. They seem to have an endless repertoire of cursewords and epithets to toss at anyone who doesn't politically agree with them. Last night on television, I saw John McCain, whom I used to admire greatly, giggle and snicker over a woman who called Hillary Clinton a "bitch."

"How can we beat the bitch?" she called out, thus sending Senator McCain into apoplexy with his mirth. He recovered somewhat, still perspiring with glee, and pronounced that to be an "excellent question."

A far more "excellent question" might be this.....Why, Senator McCain, do you insult your wife, your mother, your grandmother and every woman in the world with this kind of gross, rude and crude name? Would you sit idly by and allow a guest in your home to call your wife that name? Would you think it was "excellent" for him to do so? What kind of a man are you? Are you "Macho?" "Sexist?" "Stupid"? Why should we consider allowing a man like that to run our country?

I really don't know what Hillary Clinton has done, other than marry Bill Clinton, to incite the wrath of all Republicans. They do not attack John Edwards in that way. They hardly ever say a word about Obama, or any of the other Democratic candidates. But the very thought of Hillary Clinton sends them into spasms of fear. They are so frightened of Hillary Clinton that the fright is palpable. One can almost see it, a blue-white fog in the air.

Years ago, John McCain made his first try in becoming the Republican candidate. Then, it was his fellow Republicans that lit into him like bulldogs chewing a rag doll. They said he was a "Friend of the Viet Cong, a man who had deserted his fellow Prisoners of War to toady up to his captors." They said he had fathered a Black baby. They said he had had an affair with a Vietnamese woman. They piled these imaginative and derogatory rumors on his head as though Karl Rove himself were dreaming them up.

So, one would think that John McCain would remember those unwarranted and untruthful attacks and speak out against Hillary Clinton being tagged as a Bitch. Instead, he giggled like a kindergartner, pronounced the question as excellent, and then backed up to proclaim his "respect" for Hillary Clinton. Respect, in my book, does not include calling any woman that infantile name.

If one suggests to any rightwinger that the Iraq War was a horrible mistake, that George Bush obviously was not honest with the public, that the American people are suffering economically while Corporate millionaires are thriving, he is apt to unleash his arsenal of invective and you will be his target.

He will call you a "Friend of Osama's." He will tell you that you should be sent to the Middle East where you will immediately lose your head on the chopping block of terrorism. He will call you every four-letter-word invented by creative idiots, and avow loyalty to George Bush that borders on adoration or adulation, this man sent by God to straighten out the wicked ways of all Liberals, including that bitch, Shrillery, attack the infidels and lead the Crusade all the way to Israel, where Jesus will come down to reward his posse.

Have we gone insane? Jesus WAS a Liberal. Jesus walked among the poor, the sick and the maimed. He was the most merciful of all men, and preached a gospel of love, mercy and kindness. Where did the Christians of today's world get these outlandish ideas? Who is leading them on this unbearable path of human misery and outright stupidity? How can they cuss out their fellow man in one breath and proclaim themselves Christian in the next?

Well, we are enmeshed in a world of Rush Limbaughs, spattering our neighbors with hatred every day. We obviously have to work up a lather of resentment against anyone different than ourselves, and we have to learn to dress folks down with ease. Damn Liberals! They hate guns and money. Their hands are out for anything they can get for free, while we hard-working Conservatives live the straight and narrow. What is killing, maiming or displacing a few million Iraqi compared to living the good life? Shouldn't be important at all!

It's easy to live that way. Just decide that "Bill Clinton did it!" Use it for an excuse for every atrocity in the world, only don't call him Bill Clinton. Call him cute names like "Slick Willie!" Slick Willie is the cause of the world's problems, and a Liberal, to boot! Can't be any worse crime that that, unless it's marrying that Bitch!

How can we beat the Bitch? The truth is, she probably can't be beat, because many of us still have respect for her and remember the prosperity and common sense we enjoyed during her husband's administration. How Liberal is that?