Monday, February 22, 2010


What is the problem with Republicans, concerning Health Care Reform? They scream about cost, but didn't say a word when George W. Bush unloaded our money in Iraq. They didn't scream about the waste of money given Halliburton. Nor, when George W. Bush suggested bailing out the bankers, we didn't hear one Republican scream! That deficit just kept going up, and the Republicans were very silent. If President Bush wanted a few billion more to spend, he could depend upon the Party of Yes!

Their objections seem to be based on the hope that Obama will fail, as Rush Limbaugh admitted. They seem to be doing all that they can to make that happen, even if they have lie in their Ads to make the Elderly shiver with fear and believe that they'll be subjected to Death Panels..... even if they make countless trips to speak on CNN about how conservative they are! They were spendthrifts, however, when it concerned George W. Bush. With Obama, they pretend to be frugal. Futilely frugal! Remember, when Health Care Reform was suggested, one Republican said that, if they could defeat it, it would be Obama's Waterloo. So the Party of No banded together to try their best to defeat Health Care, as though they are French gendarmes chasing after Napoleon.

It doesn't matter to them that there are about 40 million Americans with no Health Care at all. If these Americans get sick, they will try to fund their Health Care through Medicaid. In doing so, it will cost the tax payer just as much as if these sick people had some sort of governmental coverage. Other Americans could lose their homes and savings over the cost of just one serious illness. Costs are inflated and often insurance companies refuse to cover their customers.

Then, too, there are the young people. Many youths have advanced in age to a point where they are dropped from their parents' insurance policies. They have no insurance at all, even though they are at a time in life when accidents and calamities seem to happen. Many of them are jobless. Even the ones with low-paying jobs have trouble paying premiums. They can hardly afford their inflated car insurance payments, let alone carry health care. It is obvious they need some kind of help, but the Party of No isn't interested in helping anyone. Besides being the Party of No, it's the Party of "Too bad, Chum, help yourself!"

What is the Republican problem with Health Care Reform? If it's price, let's point at the fact that it hasn't bankrupted Canada. Nor has it bankrupted England or other European nations. A majority of these citizens appreciate their Health Care and wouldn't change it for any reason. Many of them pay taxes to pay for it, but still want to keep it.

Mention "tax" to a Republican and they turn purple. They obviously want a country with no government at all. They can then wear their guns around their middles and hold early morning feuding gunfests. They can annihilate minorities, unions, the ACLU, Al Gore, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Birth Control, Women's Rights and all of that long list of Republican Pet Peeves.

Republicans seem to be playing games. They refuse to cooperate in any way, refuse to talk with Obama about Health Care Reform, just gather in a useless pile to vote No on everything, accomplishing nothing, doing nothing, yammering about their Tea Parties and how the country is rebelling.

Yes, I know many people who are rebelling over the behavior of the Republican Party. They have caused a broken government. When a political party fails to think of the people it is supposed to serve, it is time to boot it out and start over. President Obama has done everything possible to placate and please the Party of No. Instead, they just keep on being the Party of No. No, no, no, no!

The Governors of our various States met with President Obama today, a bipartisan meeting with both Republicans and Democrats involved. They talked about issues, settled some problems, and said that the Stimulus had helped keep and provide jobs in their states. Governor Crist of Florida, a Republican, said that he couldn't understand the lack of respect for the President. He said that he would cooperate and help the President in solving problems, because this is what a politician is supposed to do.

Now isn't it a pity that the Republican Congress isn't filled with Governor Crists? He's level-headed, sincere, and acts like an honorable man. This is the Republican I would vote for, one who shuns the Party of No and considers the plight of the people.

If anyone thinks we can climb out of this Recession (Depression) without spending some money, I wish they'd come up with some answers. We're not going to do it with Monopoly Money, for sure! If we wait too long, we'll sink into a mire of suffering like the people endured in the 1030's. Republicans were President back then, too, but the Depression continued until the people elected a Democrat. He instigated Jobs Programs, started what he called the New Deal, and people like my family once more had groceries in the cupboard. This is what Obama is trying to do! This is what the Party of No doesn't want, because they want to defeat Obama! Your empty cupboard is no concern of theirs, they are only interested in their goal.

Health Care Reform is important because our medical and insurance costs are wasting millions of dollars. Aside from that, health care is a universal right. Every man, woman and child in this country should have adequate health coverage. Even the Party of No is completely covered. They don't even pay their premiums. The taxpayers do it. So what on earth are they whining about? They have it pretty good themselves, and don't even consider it Socialism or Big Goverment.

Is there something deadly in that Tea, something that withers the brain until it wastes away and atrophies into a whiff of meaningless air? Perhaps they should switch to a Fruit Juice instead. I know one that they'd probably like. It's a bit tart on the tongue, but they would find it familiar. It's commonly known as "Sour Grapes" and works much better then tea. Let's admit it, they all have a case of Sour Grapes, so why waste it?