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Now that Jimmy Carter has made his statement about George W. Bush being the worst president in history on foreign relations, perhaps the Republicans can give Al Gore a rest. Since Gore accepted that Oscar for the documentary on Global Warming, he has been subjected to that intense contemptuous treatment that Republicans give to all of their political enemies, a huge dash of scorn lathered with ridicule and topped off with a large dollop of derision.

The truth is, Republicans are frightened out of their wits by Al Gore because they know, if he ran again, as sure as God made little green apples grow on trees, the American public would give him the presidency he so richly deserves. Al Gore frightens them even more than Hillary Clinton. They feel that Hillary can be easily beaten by any good Conservative candidate. After all, she is only a woman and could be described as one of Limbaugh's FemiNazis, a woman who has vacated her kitchen, had only one child, and has ventured into the man's world of politics.

But Al Gore! There he is, swiftly becoming an icon in the eyes of the American public, a man battling for the universe, trying to save the world. He has grown in stature....and girth...since he was Clinton's running mate, has taught students in a college, has become more legible, articulate and charismatic, not the stiff speaker who droned on so drearily during the Clinton years. Above all, the country has learned that Al is a fellow one can like, with a sharp wit and a keen sense of humor. It is felt that he got the shaft during the 2000 election, when a majority of hoary old judges gave the election to Bush.

Yes, Al Gore brings forth a flood of fear to the hearts of the Republican Party. After all, they are faced with fighting the election battle with a group of old middle-aged fuddy-duds. There's John McCain, who so suddenly became religious that it was alarmingly amusing, who walked the streets of Baghdad with his padded vest and armed guards, a monumental goof for a man who declared one could shop without fear in a Baghdad market. This brought about memories of Bush mouthing phrases about "victory in Iraq" as the death rolls mounted, or Cheney telling us the insurgents were in their last throes as the carnage escalated.

Then, there is Rudy Guiliano, with his checkered lovelife and his even more checkered relationship with a man convicted of various crimes. Rudy may have rolled up his shirtsleeves and helped out during the chaos of 9/11, and we all honor him for that, but is that short spurt of bravery enough to carry him into the White House? Not for those of us who are tired of men who apologize for their sinful ways, bleat about religion, and suddenly become paragons of virtue just to woo the Bush Base. I've had enough of the Bush Base and I believe a majority of Americans feel the same way. They should go back to their churchly duties and stay out of government, as far as I am concerned.

Nor am I a fan of Mitt Romney, who looks and acts a bit too slick for my tastes. Perhaps he deserves to be slick. After all, he is tremendously rich. I admit I am biased. I wasn't a fan of his father's when he was Governor of Michigan. I'm not a fan of Mitt's for the reasons I have already listed. When is one of these potential candidates going to stand up for himself and say, "Listen, folks, if elected, the first thing I will do is end that War....and I believe abortion is a matter between a woman, her doctor, and her God."?

Even Newt Gingrich is pandering to the religious right, claiming he has repented the terrible sin of adultery, which he happened to have committed at the exact time he was reviling Bill Clinton for his tawdry little encounters with an intern. Are these two-faced, ridiculous Fibmasters fit to be the rulers of the free world? Not in my book.

Of course, there is Fred Thompson, who is supposedly the white light of the Republican world. He looks tired and jowelly to me, a man whose health may be as precarious as Cheney's. Why is it these tired old men run for office? Is it for the power? They look worn out, beaten down by life, weary. One thing you can say about Bill Clinton. He looks so downright, damned Presidential. The stature, the white hair, the literacy. Oh, yes, one could be proud of him as a representative of the people. So, why doesn't George Clooney have the soul and fire of Dennis Kucinich? Just asking.

That brings us back to Hillary. I firmly believe that Hillary will be the reason Al Gore decides not to run again. I think this is Hillary's moment and that she will grab it with the tenacity of a pitbull hanging onto a doggie toy. Don't underestimate this woman. Men may be put off by her independence and her power, but there are enough women in the United States to put her into office. Should we elect a woman just because she IS a woman? I say, why not? The country that has put up with George Bush for so many years can do as it likes with no apologies. Remember, it was primarily men who considered George Bush to be a good buddy! Hillary will be a vast improvement. Look at Chelsea! As a wife, as a mother, as a legislator, Hillary has done a bang-up job! I would expect no less of her as president.

So, unless Al Gore surprises me, I don't expect him to run this time around. During the Florida fracas, when the presidency was hanging in the wind, busloads of Republican rightwing fools clustered in front of the Gore home, screaming invectives at the family. It was a terrifying time for the Gores. Now, he is rich, he is settled, he is embarked upon a scientific cause. He can enjoy the white light of fame and fortune without the nagging worries, the mayhem, the opposition. He may just decide that he doesn't need to armor up for the field of battle once again.

There's the rub. How many good men...or women...are being frightened away from the poltical arena because of the hatred and bitterness involved? It would take the hide of a rhinoceros to emerge unscathed.

As for Jimmy Carter, he will survive the onslaught of Republican rage like the good Christian he is. Carter is the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. If there were a Nobel War Prize, we all know who the winner would be.

Blogger Al Yoder said...


I really enjoyed this post. But I have to disagree with you on one thing. Women will never vote for someone just because they are a woman. Your gender is just to snarky for that. And I speak from talking to and listening to all the women in my family, and they are in the majority so I have a great frame of reference.

Besides, I could never vote for Hillary because she is a Clinton, and it is time to end the reign of the Bush and Clinton clans. It would be over 20 years of the Presidency from just 2 families if she is elected and we as a country can do better. I agree that Al Gore is the best choice, but if he chooses not run there isn't much we can do about it.

Besides being a Clinton, until she admits she screwed up and apologises for her vote on the Iraq military action, and states unequivicably that her first order of business if elected will be to bring all the troops home immediately I could never give her my vote. It's petty, but there you are.

Sorry for the rant, but when I get wound up I tend to ramble. Have a great holiday weekend.

Your pal, Al Yoder

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Blogger Al Yoder said...


I enjoyed this post immensely. But, you are wrong on one thing. Women will NEVER vote for a woman for President just because she is a woman. Most women, and I know this will sound insulting, are are very sexist when it comes to politics. Most feel women should not be involved in it. Not one woman over 50 that I have spoken to thinks a woman belongs in a political office. President of the garden club maybe, President of the U.S., never. It isn't ladylike or some such nonsense. And the ones under 50 don't vote anyway and could not care less who is in office.

Plus, though Hillary is a good person, I think it is time for someone other than a Clinton or a Bush to be in the White House. It will be 20 years with one or the other by the next election and it's time to end the reign of these folks. I agree that Al Gore is the best and really only choice, but if he chooses not to run, I can't find myself voting for Hillary because she is not ready yet. Until she comes clean on her approval of the military action in Iraq, I cannot in good conscience vote for her. She screwed up when she voted yes and she HAS to admit it, and apologise for it, and state unequivocably that the FIRST thing she will do if elected is to bring all the troops home immediately. Noting else will satisfy me.

Sorry this went on so long, but when I get wound up, I tend to ramble. Have a nice holiday weekend.

Your pal, Al Yoder

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