Monday, July 17, 2006


I have never blamed anyone for the times when I have shopped in a Dollar Store, while others, more wealthy, have shopped at Neimann-Marcus. My life has encompassed many ups and downs and I have taken them all in stride with good nature and acceptance, boiling the bean soup when necessary, and enjoying the lobster when possible.

But the direction of U.S. policies of today have flabbergasted me. Have we declared War on the Middle Class people and the Poor? Has it become shameful to have lost one's home and been forced by huge expenses and losses to live in Shelters or on the street? Is Poverty a disease without a cure, a leprosy for others to shun and revile?

Why is our country borrowing money to conduct a war? During World War II, the government sold War Bonds, and the conflict....far bigger and all-encompassing than the War in Iraq...was supported by the American people. Today, China seems to be supporting our troubles in Iraq.

I have heard the fiscal policies of George Bush and his Administration described as a "systematic looting." We have a National Debt that would make my paltry credit card bill look like a pebble in the Pacific. And we keep spending....and spending! We are giving social services to millions of Mexican illegal aliens when countless numbers of our own people are struggling to pay their mortgage payments. Notices of Home Foreclosures have reached an astronomical number and the loss of a job secures your future as a busboy or gas station attendant at a paltry salary!

And now George Bush is slashing Medicare payments by 20 to 30 percent!

I don't suppose George Bush has to worry about his old age. Nor does pink, plump Dick Cheney look as though he is eating cat food to survive. But there are old folks in this country struggling to eat with the paltry amount of money that comes in to support them. To force them to pay the astronomical sums that hospitals and doctors charge is tantamount to torture!

Perhaps the Bush family has escaped all of this, but I know parents who had to wear shoes with holes in them in order to buy groceries for their families. I know parents who have struggled with a sick child, without outside help, and raised him through an agony of debilitating illness and huge medical bills! I know parents who ate skimpy meals in order to provide school clothes for their children! There are too many sacrifices to enumerate in the raising of children, the maintenance of a home, the payment of a lifetime of bills!

To call Medicare an "entitlement" is a favorite ruse of the Rightwing crowd. They firmly believe that poor old folks belong in the back bedrooms of relatives, that one should put aside enough for old age to take care of all the emergencies, the illnesses, the poor health.

If they have not, the Rightwing Crowd considers it only morally right that this elderly citizen get out an get a job, despite the aching bones, the failing eyesight, the poor health and leaking bladders of age!

What a merciless bunch! What a collection of cold-hearted, money-mad ingrates! No wonder Homeless Derelicts are being beaten to pulps on the public streets! Our charitable causes have been handed over to the members of Mega-Churches, whose smug and self-dubbed as saintly membership believe life is a simple and infantile path. They believe that poor people are lazy slobs, looking for a handout, that no manner of disaster handed down by Fate can bring a person down to neediness, that this cannot happen in the blink of an eye, and will never, ever happen to them!

And this heartlessness extends to the Elderly, even the SICK Eldery, who have given up so much to raise these selfish examples of misguided humanity!

To make it even worse, these "compassionate" conservatives believe they have plush, padded seats on the Second Coming Express, which they believe will chug into the station soon after they have defeated the Muslims and proclaimed the supremacy of their twisted interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount!

To call this spendthrift administration "conservative" is stretching the meaning of the word like trying to stretch a small rubber band to circle a huge package. It just doesn't work! And to call them "compassionate" is like asking them to pity the thousands of orphans wandering homeless and hungry in Iraq! Being Muslim children and Already Born, they don't seem to count!

Thus, the Rightwingers have little compassion for the Elderly, nor anyone else. The only expression of compassion I have heard from them is words of pity for drug-addicted Limbaugh, who has led them on this path of destruction and heartlessness! As Ann Coulter has firmly written, there is even a lack of compassion for the widows and widowers of the 9/11 victims. Why give them even an ounce of sympathy or concern? Why give anyone an ounce of sympathy or concern?

Since coming to power in their two dubious elections, Republicans have slashed programs for the poor, the sick and the elderly, punished the poverty-stricken, rewarded the already rich, and sold off our assets to foreign entities, while attacking a small nation with a ragtag Army and no WMD, despite the soap salesmanship of the Bush Administration.

Our president has claimed great, all-powerful control of the country, herded protestors behind barricades two blocks away from his appearances, forced his audiences to sign Oaths of Allegiance, threatened reporters with charges of treason, and called himself the Decider.

He certainly is the Decider and what he is Deciding is that you and I are fodder for the rich cattle. He has Decided to spend all of our money. He has Decided to reduce the circumstances of the Middle Class. He has Decided to cut back on services to the needy. He has Decided to cut back on help for the Elderly. He has Decided to attack a Middle Eastern country and get us involved in that culture of constant War.

One could say that, if nothing else, he certainly is a consistent Decider. Now I hope we elect someone who Decides Less and Thinks more!! How wonderful if we could be led by a Thinker and could offer a lush retirement to the Decider, medical costs covered!