Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For the past few weeks, I have watched the kindergarten games that are going on in Congress. Republicans have united to defeat Obama's Stimulus package, now renamed with some fancy moniker that doesn't change its nature. Since Rush Limbaugh announced publicly that he wants Obama to fail, the Republican Geese in Congress have tried to make sure that Rush gets his wish.

For eight years, these Yes Men nodded meekly every time George Bush spent money on his wars. He literally looted our lucrative Treasury with his invasion of Iraq and the "Reconstruction" that followed, a Reconstruction that made rich men out of many of the people involved, that gave some Iraqis enough money to build villas in Iran, gave companies huge payments to do shoddy work on buildings now half finished or falling down. In the meantime, the Geese bowed to their leader, proclaimed themselves an "arm of the Presidency" and agreed to each every cent of our money that was squandered, wasted and stolen!

It doesn't even seem as though they cared if this shoddy work killed our soldiers. With several soldiers electrocuted in their showers, there seemed to be no haste to fix the problem. How many were killed? One report said twelve soldiers, others say fewer than that. We'll never know, because these reports are not clarified for the public, who do not need to know.

What the hell has been going on in our country? Our traffic has gotten stalled on K Street! The pavement in Wall Street was paved in gold! Have we lost our minds? We have sat idly by while rich men with greedy ideas have ruined us. Our companies have fled to other countries, without a backward glance at the people who made them into industrial and manufacturing giants. Our jobs are fading away. We gather in huge crowds of cheering and weeping people and celebrate the election of a man who seems to care about the working man. Then what happens? Rush Limbaugh makes his proclamation and the Republicans comply, without a single iota of sympathy for the millions of Americans out of work.

Just as they ignored the millions that had no Health Care, they ignore the millions of Unemployed. They introduced Greed as their motto and lived up to it every day. The Wealthy were given tax cuts, the President was given carte blanche use of our money. They imposed no regulation at all on the banks, who were led by wealthy men garnering as much money as possible. Millions of subprime mortgages were issued, taking advantage of people who didn't read the fine print and listened to brokers that wanted their piece of the pie.

Now, our Republican Senators have suddenly become financial experts. These men and women, who agreed to every cockamamie, crooked idea that George Bush and Dick Cheney ever had, are suddenly worried about money. They aren't concerned about the jobs this Stimulus bill will bring. Since when did any Republican leader ever worry about jobs? They are happy that they have practically destroyed the Unions that protected American workers. They are happy that lumbertrucks are driving through our National Parks. They are happy that no hungry, desperate, miserable family can declare bankruptcy and retain their home. They are happy that they have finally reduced the American public to penniless, jobless, and homeless conditions.

They are definitely unhappy that torture has been removed from the American curriculum! "Why," they exclaim, "Obama is bringing those terrible cruel men onto American soil! They'll kill us all in our beds at night! Every one of them is a terrorist!" Thus, the climate of Fear continues, fear mixed with angry spite that they lost the election. Now, the only thing on their minds is how to win it all back as quickly as possible, and they will do anything, say anything, spread any rumor to get their way.

Can't you hear Rush Limbaugh?..."I don't feel sorry for the Unemployed, the lazy slobs...lolling about, enjoying life...when all they deserve is the chance to serve the Wealthy, who are the only people that matter among us! Praise God for all he has done for us rich folks, those that are Anointed and deserve the most in life!"

After having his say, Rush would return to his mansion to enjoy the spoils of his multi-million dollar contract, perhaps even enjoying an Oxycontin high! This wouldn't be so easy to say if Rush hadn't harped on Black drug addicts, saying they all belong in jail! It's always soothing to expose a hypocrite and Rush Limbaugh is just that!

This country elected Obama because they have had it with these Republican Rip-Offs who have squandered our money, kowtowed to their imperial leaders, and led us into a needless war. Now, Obama is trying to help the homeless and the jobless, while these charlatans throw every obstacle in his path. Obama believes he can unite the country, but can you unite with a nest of adders, spitting venom, so indignant that they lost power that they are willing to do anything to make Obama look bad? They even appointed a demonic-looking new Republican chairman who congratulated them on their Goose Egg approach, as though goose eggs will feed America's hungry children and pay the bills. Oh, well, silly Geese will lay eggs!

We have a President who has a vision, a dream of a modern America with the improvements it should have installed years ago, a country with fine buildings, repaired school buildings, an improved educational system, new, energy-efficient cars and buses, and trains that are not old black monoliths chugging along like relics of the past. He wants improved streets and safe bridges, and all of this will provide Americans with jobs, both now and in the future.

Too expensive, say the Republicans, who have agreed to every expenditure George Bush suggested, even tacking the expensive funding for the War in Iraq on top of our National Budget until the debt soared into the Heavens. As they begrudged the Seniors their Social Security, blathering about privatization, anxious to wreck that program, too, and starve our elderly as our jobs were disappearing, these fools did not do one thing....not one....to help the American public! Yet they pretend they care about the people, the very people who are citizens of this country they have demolished!

If this Stimulus Bill is not passed in a way that pleases our visionary young President, I urge him to declare a State of Emergency and take over the reins. Uniting with Republicans may well be an exercise in futility and, if we have to go through four years of Republican balkiness, bickering, boiling...just as if they didn't cause this financial mess...they'll never reach office again in this country.

Perhaps Republicans should learn that, although the Wealthy and the Powerful are important, it is still the Voters who elect politicians. The Radical Right has just about faded into limbo in this country, as it should. The people have spoken, and a new day dawns. Once Obama repairs the Election System in this country to keep the Republicans from purging voters, these fools won't have a chance. First, he has to repair the lack of jobs....and he will. It's a pity to disappoint Rush Limbaugh, the pink, pudgy Republican Guru, but we will do just that! Yes, we can! Yes, we will! It is an exercise in futility to think otherwise.