Friday, August 15, 2008


I turned on CNN yesterday and was subjected to a subject that astounded me to a point where I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. They were discussing the fact that many of our radical Christians are spreading the word that Obama is the AntiChrist!

I have heard this before. In fact, I have received e-mails about it, but I simply laughed, deleted them, and forgot about them. When a major News network delves into subjects like this, it is proof to me that we have sunk so low that it would take major pieces of massive machinery to pull us back into sanity.

The AntiChrist? These people "in the know" had best look around them. The AntiChrist may be among them, spreading rumors. He could be in line at a McDonald's buying from the Dollar Menu. I am not sure he is a "he." Could be a "she"? It might be Cindy McCain. Look deeply into her eyes! Yep! It's her, all right!

What next? Are we going to have great groups of people walking through some eerie forest at midnight, garbed in white clothing, swinging dead cats in their hands, chanting "John McCain! John McCain!" as they dance around a campfire, sprinkling blood from the cat carcasses into the roaring flame?

Or will we have a few more of those crazed nuts, disturbed because they have lost a job or fought with their wives, picking up their beloved rifles and other firearms and marching off to deliberately shoot some liberal strangers, lost in some berserk reverie fueled by Rush Limbaugh's hatred and determined to annihilate this horrible liberal enemy?

Do these people who vomit hatred....Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage and others of this ilk.....consider themselves to be normal human beings? Do they believe their political ideology is important enough to commit murder?

Evidently they do. Ann Coulter has publicly expressed the hope that terrorists select the New York Times building in an attack. Rush Limbaugh has suggested all liberals be killed, with just a few "specimens" kept alive. Michael Savage wants to force everyone to accept religion...HIS religion, of course! It's enough to make you nauseous! No, excuse my crudity, but it is enough to make you puke!

We are subjecting our children to this nonsense! We are raising children who have no respect for the poor, who kick the homeless to death, who play video games that involve shooting Middle Easterners! They are taught to hate those with a different political ideology, taught to hate Blacks, taught to hate immigrants, taught to hate Gays! What kind of a world will it be when Liberals and NeoCons are shooting each other on the streets, or clubbing each other's children? Is that what they want? It must be, because their rhetoric sure sounds like it!

On another forum, one of my relatives posted a Republican Ode to their philosophy. It was "Support the Troops," "Remain Forever Grateful to Veterans," and "Only Republicans Can Fight Great Wars." All it lacked was violin music and an orchestra filled with musicians wearing Flag Lapel pins! It pointed out every past conflict, with Republicans anointed as the heroic, with Democrats pictured as weak and cowardly.

The thing is, many of its historical facts were faulty, and it was written with the fallacy that all veterans are Republican, all soldiers deathly loyal to George Bush, and all patriotic people seek the Republican philosophy. It is hard to believe that Republicans have convinced themselves that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a weak leader, that Kennedy caused the Viet Nam War that they believe cowardly liberals forced the country to abandon, after some 60,000 or so American deaths and more than a million Vietnamese deaths. If some wacko writes a Rightwing Blog that is read by thousands and sent around to thousands more by e-mail, thousands more wackos repeat it as truth!

This is the ideology of ignorance. Pride in ignorance! When a Republican utters the word "Professor," they generally use the adjective "Liberal Professor!" Like other totalitarian beliefs before them, the first thing that is done is vilify the universities, its professors, its leaders! This is done for a purpose. Ignorance is the greatest political tool in the world! By appealing to the ignorant and vilifying knowledge, the leaders can keep everyone so dumb they will not realize what is going on, what freedoms are being lost. In any country where a dictatorship has claimed the leadership, the first to go are the educated, the intelligent, the writers, the poets, the teachers!

After reading this post submitted by a relative, another relative praised the piece by saying that she could just imagine her father "applauding this powerful article."

Her father died some time ago, a very nice man, a man who fought in World War II and came home to spend his life working to support his children. Many of them work in the restaurant he founded.

When this was said, I had a mental vision of this man up in Heaven, surrounded by angels, walking on streets of gold, hair gently ruffled by the pleasant breezes, raising his hands in a patriotic salute, while shouting, "Support the Troops! Down with Liberal Cowards! Bless George Bush and his mighty warriors!"

Would God approve? What would Jesus say about this? I'm danged if I know, but it is not my vision of Heaven! Applause for a War started on misinformation and killing not only American troops but thousands of Iraqis, including little children, creating orphans, spilling people from their homes, blood running in the streets! Would this gain approval from Heaven? Should this be applauded?

Now that the NeoCons have identified the AntiChrist, maybe they'll shut up and just wait for the Second Coming in silence. Maybe they won't have to annihilate another Middle Eastern country to hurry it along, while their leaders wallow in the fossil fuel. The thing I can't figure out is how, if we have another Civil War in this country, as the Limbaughese language suggests, they are going to be able to tell a Liberal from a Rightwinger. Those nuts will probably be roaming the streets shooting each other, while we Liberals will be holed up in a bar, sipping a little Bubbly and enjoying life.