Sunday, October 17, 2004


Just a few more weeks until we find out if our country will continue its downward spiral or regain our sanity. The polls are pretty much even, with Kerry ahead one day and Bush ahead the next. Who are these "Undecideds", these weak nerds who can't see what is happening and can't make up their minds. Maybe they don't understand Bush Speak. This is a language that puts a pretty spin on some dire plans, such as the "Ownership Society", a plan to privatize Social Security and, from what I hear, slash the checks of those currently receiving Social Security.

Get ready, folks. There's a strong chance Mom or Pop or both will end up living in your back bedroom, emerging for meals, and sitting endlessly for hours watching their televisions. Be prepared to shush the kids, lest they disturb Grandma's nap, and clear the bathroom, for Grandpa needs immediate entry.

I hope the young people of this country flock to the polls to vote for Kerry. Surely not too many of them envision a happy future crawling around the sands of the Middle East in 120 degree weather, rifles ready. This chaotic and useless occupation of Iraq should end. And a vote for Kerry will bring the end about much sooner.