Wednesday, June 01, 2005


We know the identity of Deep Throat. The revelation of his identity really doesn't have the impact it would have had during the Nixon era. But it does give us an uplifting thought. We can forge ahead into the future with the knowledge that there are men like W. Mark Felt in the world, men who will take only so much corruption, then dare risk their reputations and their careers to make sure the truth is known.

But where are the Deep Throats in today's world? We have heard terrible stories of corruption, of torture, of wars planned in secrecy and there seems to be a cacaphony of people fed up with it, willing to blurt out the truth from the top of the Empire State Building, write books about it, be featured guests on evening news programs.

Yet, nothing ever comes of it. There are no repercussions for those responsible, no punishments, no pain. It seems to be a matter of finger-pointing, then denial, then dismissal. The public is horrified by each revelation, then settles down into apathy again, lost in a sea of trying to make ends meet, puzzled by the commotion, unsure of the truth....adrift!

Until Kennedy was killed, the American public more or less trusted their government. We reveled in the beauty of John F. Kennedy and Jackie. We admired his strength, his forthright openness. Sure, we all heard the rumors of the bevy of women clamoring to get into the afterhours White House. But, it was understandable, in a way! Good Grief, look at him! A golden boy, rich, charming, smiling, dapper, intelligent.....we could shake our heads over the sinfulness, but smile at his charisma. And it was all so exciting, as though Hollywood had taken over Washington, D.C., usually populated with fat, balding, old men making long-winded, boring speeches.

Then came that awful day in Dallas when our national confidence was stolen in a matter of seconds. As a nation, we plastered ourselves to televisions and radios and almost every business came to a standstill, as we watched this glowing young president put to rest, his family grieving with us, his tiny boy saluting his coffin.

This was followed by the travesty known as the Warren Commission, where our tax money paid for a group of the In Crowd to cover up what really happened. We still don't know what really happened. But, in our hearts, we all realize there is more to the Kennedy assassination than was ever told.

But then, we had Bobby. We were a little unsure of Bobby at first, because of the rumors of his cold-hearted ruthlessness. But then we saw the deep, shattering grief he felt for the loss of his brother and the way he used that sorrow to recognize the plight of the working man...and we embraced him. But, as we all know, that hope was short-lived, and I have always suspected that America lost what could have been a great President when that shot rang out in Los Angeles.

After that, we became embittered and suspicious. Nixon was elected into office and even the diehard conservatives took a dim view of his prospects. He didn't let a soul down, this man. He was an enigma. Ugly, uncharismatic, stooped, ponderous...he looked like a crook. ..and he lived up to that image.

Now, American Politics have become a matter of Them and Us. It's not funny any more. Each side feels their side is best and the other side is radical. Some level-headed souls have beseeched us all to be congenial, to compromise, to "get along". But the divisiveness that took hold when the Clinton Investigation took place has become commonplace. There is no middle ground.

One either thinks George Bush was sent by God to save the world from its sins, or one believes George Bush is a rather inept oilman, a terribly corrupt businessman, a deranged military leader and a lousy president. There doesn't seem to be a middle road. Nor is there a Deep Throat with such a staggering story to tell that it brings down a dynasty, such a powerful story that it cannot be denied, lied about or ignored.